A Houdini asset for generating millions of braided curves in seconds.

When observing something as simple as a shoelace, it’s easy to dismiss how complex its’ construction could be; But at its core, the braided weave is an example of how beautiful and intricate the utilitarian designs that our lives revolve around truly are.

Weave was developed as a design experiment, exploring these complexities. Braids can be generated on lines or curves within seconds as each frame is pre-calculated using VEX and OpenCL.

When used in conjunction with its’ built-in toolkit for clumping, time warping and post-processing, effects that should take a studio months to R&D can be generated in near real-time. 

Aaron Smith - 06/11/2019


A toolkit for drawing, painting and animating in Houdini. 

Blurring the lines between the two and three dimensional has always been fascinating to me. Having studied traditional 2D animation at university for a couple of years, the techniques learned with a pegbar and bulky wooden lightbox have often translated into even the most technical, unforgiving 3D tasks. 

Polypaint was developed as a real-time solution to bridge the gap between the highly fluid, organic process of drawn animation, and the extraordinary procedural workflow that Houdini is famous for.

Using a custom Python viewer state in combination with a Python/Vex stroke management system, Polypaint provides the familiarity of painting digitally in Photoshop. But with each stroke being its’ own UVed bgeo cached in-HDA, strokes can be edited and rendered as any other 3D geometry would be.

Aaron Smith - 27/08/2019